October 2007

Kind of fits for Nanowrimo…watch the video, it is hilarious!


Im an emotional kind of guy. I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve and it spills over into my writing, or lack thereof. If I get upset about something, All I can think about is what Im upset about. If Im mad, Im mad. I cant turn it off and on. Some people can be mad at someone and happy and jovial with the very next person that they meet. Im not like that. It affects my writing because at times like those, I just simply wont write. I dont have the desire to write when Im in that mood.

I wish I knew a way to get out of that, because I don’t LIKE being that way. I wish I could just put things behind me and just move on, but I cant. Im like an old lady, brooding over some insignificant thing that really means squat in the grand scheme of life.

Are any of you like this? Am I the ONLY one who feels like this? I wonder if I forced myself to sit and write when Im upset, if my writing would get darker…hmmm…this might be something to work with after all. I want my writing to be a bit darker.

Maybe Ill try it.

By the way – There is a new blog by Janna (I love that name) Qualman called Something She Wrote that I think you guys might like. She just started blogging and I thought I would kind of give her a little push on my blog. Go check it out. I think you will enjoy her writing style in her posts.

More later, folks!

I think I have a pretty solid idea that will hook the reader into my story.  The problem is, writing it.  I know how I want it to end, but I end up stressing so much over the opening paragraph or the first sentence or the first chapter that I fall into a corner and quiver like a wounded animal.  NaNoWriMo is less than a week from starting and I feel like there is NO way Im going to get 50,000 words out of this idea, yet I am looking SO forward to trying!

My story is one of murder.  It is one of “you got the wrong person, why aren’t you looking for the REAL killer”…dont they all say that?  The only thing is, the police really will have the wrong person until they figure out the clues.  I dont want to give away the plot just yet, but it will have twists and turns and clues (oh my!) that are practically right under the detective’s noses and they wont even see them…until one of them gets smart.

Sounds like hundreds of other books, huh?   Well, I think this one will be different because of the clues and how they are laid before the police.  Kind of like not seeing the forest for the trees.

Im stressed out about the whole thing.  I cant wait to start on it, but Im scared at the same time.  I have never tried an undertaking like this.  I have never written anything other than bad short stories.  What makes me think that I can write a book?  Am I crazy? Or am I just delusional?  Im not sure which, but I know that I WANT to do it, whether it gets published or not.  It is like a burning in my gut and I have to get it on paper…or was that the Mexican food I ate last night?

GOD, Im rambling here.  What are YOU going to write about in NaNoWriMo?

More later, folks!

BTW…thanks to all of you guys for dropping by and reading my drivel.  It does a body good to know that someone actually likes to read this.  Kinda makes me want to keep doing it.  🙂

Well, it IS an acceptance of something that I wrote!  Im gonna be listed with one of my blurbs at Six Sentences (http://sixsentences.blogspot.com/).  Now, I am not sure if they take every story that is sent it or not, but I just got the word today that mine will be appearing on the site on 11/27/2007.  Here is what was said in my email that I got today –

Very cool and chilling piece.  I’m so glad you found the site!


“The Boss” will make its debut on Tuesday, 11/27.


Welcome to 6S!

Now, if THAT isnt an acceptance, i dont know what is.  LOL.  Anyway, it is the first time anything that I have wriiten will be seen anywhere where it wasnt posted by me.  Someone else actually thought my little six sentences was decent.Im right proud of myself!   More later!

I have been practicing my “show dont tell” in my writing lately and I think Im getting this thing down.  I went back and read a lot of my older stuff and i figured out why I wasnt getting any responses from people.  I was TELLING a story instead of showing the reader what was going on.  I was describing a scene instead of pulling the reader in and making them laugh, cry, get scared, or get mad.  I wasnt making them FEEL anything.  

Anyone can tell a story.  It takes a bit of talent to SHOW the reader what is going on.  I dont think it us a God given talent to do this.  it CAN be learned.  Hell, Im living proof of that.  I am just now learning to do it and I think my writing is going to get a lot better for it.   Maybe someone will actually WANT to read something that I write once I get the “showing” down pat.  God, I have a LOT to learn about writing.  Im too old to learn too much.  Anyway…more later! 

Jimmy Buffet sang – Yes I have found me a home I have found me a home You can have the rest of everything I own ‘Cause I have found me a home   That is exactly how I feel right now.  I liked Blogger, but I like wordpress much better.  A LOT more functionality.  Im not too keen on the template right now, but thats gonna change as soon as I can create myself a header image.  Im liking the whole blogging experience much better here.  Didnt take me that long to set it up and I just imported the old blog to here so I never lost a post or comment.  I did have to set up my links again, though, which was a pain in my ass…but well worth it. Hope you like the new place.  Ill get back to something resembling a writing blog shortly!  

Alright…here I am at work and I decide to check my email like I have done thousands of times before. Today, I think, will be different…no spam today. WRONG. After wading through countless ads for making my bust bigger (Im a guy and dont really WANT my bust size to be bigger) I come to the ones that want to make my penis bigger. How do these people know I need this?

Im so sick of people taking up my time and inbox space wanting to sell me something, or to make this bigger or that smaller. Dont these people have lives? What are the spammers getting out of it all? Do they really think that the lonely guy that opens his morning email and sees an ad to enlarge something will click that link right away? I wonder just how much money they make with the spam.

Oh, and lets not forget the stock market. My God, how does Wall Street function without these tips on the hottest stocks to buy in their email every day? This country will fall flat on it’s face if I don’t buy gold.

I think Im gonna do NaNoWriMo this year with the spam as my plot. Maybe have a lone vigellante hunt down and kill all of the spammers. Yeah, that’s what Im gonna do. Ill just sit back and enjoy my energy drink and think about that.

Now, where was that email from the guy in Nigeria who wanted me to help him get his money? I simply MUST respond to that one.

More later, folks.

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