Alright…here I am at work and I decide to check my email like I have done thousands of times before. Today, I think, will be different…no spam today. WRONG. After wading through countless ads for making my bust bigger (Im a guy and dont really WANT my bust size to be bigger) I come to the ones that want to make my penis bigger. How do these people know I need this?

Im so sick of people taking up my time and inbox space wanting to sell me something, or to make this bigger or that smaller. Dont these people have lives? What are the spammers getting out of it all? Do they really think that the lonely guy that opens his morning email and sees an ad to enlarge something will click that link right away? I wonder just how much money they make with the spam.

Oh, and lets not forget the stock market. My God, how does Wall Street function without these tips on the hottest stocks to buy in their email every day? This country will fall flat on it’s face if I don’t buy gold.

I think Im gonna do NaNoWriMo this year with the spam as my plot. Maybe have a lone vigellante hunt down and kill all of the spammers. Yeah, that’s what Im gonna do. Ill just sit back and enjoy my energy drink and think about that.

Now, where was that email from the guy in Nigeria who wanted me to help him get his money? I simply MUST respond to that one.

More later, folks.