I have been practicing my “show dont tell” in my writing lately and I think Im getting this thing down.  I went back and read a lot of my older stuff and i figured out why I wasnt getting any responses from people.  I was TELLING a story instead of showing the reader what was going on.  I was describing a scene instead of pulling the reader in and making them laugh, cry, get scared, or get mad.  I wasnt making them FEEL anything.  

Anyone can tell a story.  It takes a bit of talent to SHOW the reader what is going on.  I dont think it us a God given talent to do this.  it CAN be learned.  Hell, Im living proof of that.  I am just now learning to do it and I think my writing is going to get a lot better for it.   Maybe someone will actually WANT to read something that I write once I get the “showing” down pat.  God, I have a LOT to learn about writing.  Im too old to learn too much.  Anyway…more later!