Well, it IS an acceptance of something that I wrote!  Im gonna be listed with one of my blurbs at Six Sentences (http://sixsentences.blogspot.com/).  Now, I am not sure if they take every story that is sent it or not, but I just got the word today that mine will be appearing on the site on 11/27/2007.  Here is what was said in my email that I got today –

Very cool and chilling piece.  I’m so glad you found the site!


“The Boss” will make its debut on Tuesday, 11/27.


Welcome to 6S!

Now, if THAT isnt an acceptance, i dont know what is.  LOL.  Anyway, it is the first time anything that I have wriiten will be seen anywhere where it wasnt posted by me.  Someone else actually thought my little six sentences was decent.Im right proud of myself!   More later!