I got a late start on nanowrimo as I work two jobs and basically was out of pocket for the whole day yesterday. I was going to try to start at midnight on Halloween night, but my little girl wore me out trick or treating and I ended up falling asleep waiting on midnight to come. BUT, today I have started. As of this post I am at 1026 words. I WILL be adding to that total as the day goes on (and as my boss goes home – he usually is gone by two every Friday). I want to have at least 2000 words today and tomorrow I want to hit 4000.

As I work my day job, I just sit and wait on customers to come in. This gives me ample time to write, until my boss sticks his big head out of his door and wants me to do something. I swear he thinks Im here to work or something as he is always wanting me to do SOMETHING productive! Doesnt he know that I AM doing something productive by writing? I dont think he “gets it”.

Anyway, Im off and running now. I actually changed subjects and genre at the last minute with this. Instead of a mystery, Im gonna write a horror/suspense draft. This is something that I have been wanting to write as the idea just keeps coming back to me. Time to let it out, I guess. The working title is Pumpkin Roast. I just hope I can convey the story that is in my head to the paper (or computer as it may be). I think I can, I hope I can…Again, I have the beginning and ending…just need the middle to come together. I think it will.

Maybe Ill get brave and post a paragraph or two here for you guys to rip apart.

More later, folks.