Im an emotional kind of guy. I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve and it spills over into my writing, or lack thereof. If I get upset about something, All I can think about is what Im upset about. If Im mad, Im mad. I cant turn it off and on. Some people can be mad at someone and happy and jovial with the very next person that they meet. Im not like that. It affects my writing because at times like those, I just simply wont write. I dont have the desire to write when Im in that mood.

I wish I knew a way to get out of that, because I don’t LIKE being that way. I wish I could just put things behind me and just move on, but I cant. Im like an old lady, brooding over some insignificant thing that really means squat in the grand scheme of life.

Are any of you like this? Am I the ONLY one who feels like this? I wonder if I forced myself to sit and write when Im upset, if my writing would get darker…hmmm…this might be something to work with after all. I want my writing to be a bit darker.

Maybe Ill try it.

By the way – There is a new blog by Janna (I love that name) Qualman called Something She Wrote that I think you guys might like. She just started blogging and I thought I would kind of give her a little push on my blog. Go check it out. I think you will enjoy her writing style in her posts.

More later, folks!