My head hurts.  It hurts to the point that I cant really think straight.  I need to get about 4000 words on the nano novel today, and I have a LOT of free time to do it until about 5:00.  I cant make myself write today.  This sucks!  Ive taken some medicine to make myhead feel better, but it isnt working.

Anyway, enough about that.  Im gonna try to make myself write.  Im gonna force myself to put BIC and get some words out.  I will say that I read over what I have already written and I am NOT happy.  It reads like a 3rd grader wrote it.  There are maybe 1000 words that I could add just to what I have already written without writing anything new after the last paragraph.  Im gonna push through though.  Im not going to get discouraged and quit this nano.  Im gonna finish this 50000 words if it kills me.  I just hope I end up with something salvageable.

More later, folks.