I did the unthinkable today. I scrapped the 2500 words that I had already written because, dammit, I just didnt like it. I started from scratch and now I will need to write at least 2000 words per day to make my 50K. Here is part of what i wrote today (WARNING – Language and strong sexual content)

Please keep[ in mind that this is very raw and very undedited.  There is a LOT of work to be done with this.

Jimmie Jack backed up to the front of Cheryl’s car and got out to hook it up to the tow truck. As he did, Cheryl had her back to him trying desperately to get a signal on her phone. He could hear her swearing under her breath as she moved the phone in all different directions to try to get those little bars to show up.

“Forget it, honey, you wont get a signal out here in these woods. Too many trees. You may as well put that phone away.”

As he was saying this, Jimmy Jack was walking towards her. She turned around and Jimmy Jack was already on her. She could see a look of evil in his eyes as he reached out to grab her. Her heart started beating faster and her adrenaline was starting to flow as Jimmy Jack grabbed her arms and swung her around so her back was to him again. Jimmy Jack’s breath was hot and sticky on the back of her neck. He bit down on her shoulder and Cheryl screamed. She was definitely scared now.

Jimmy Jack was more aroused than he had ever remembered. As he pushed the girl down on the ground, he fell on top of her. She was kicking and screaming for him to let her go, but Jimmy Jack was not having any of that. He got up, grabbed the girl by the hair and dragged her into the woods beside the lonely stretch of highway.

Cheryl was now begging him. She was crying hysterically as Jimmy Jack stopped in the spot that he knew that no one could see them if they did happen to drive by.

Please”, She screamed. “Please don’t do this!”

It was as if Jimmy Jack didn’t even hear her. He already had his hand on her breast and was tearing at the cotton t-shirt that she was wearing.


With one hard pull he snatched her shirt and bra off. He heard the fabric tearing and he could smell her perfume. Cheryl’s breasts fell out of her shirt. They were large and soft as Jimmy Jack cupped one in his hand. Cheryl started to scream again. As she did, Jimmy Jack swung hard with his right hand and hit the girl in the mouth. Blood splattered the front of his shirt from the blow and Cheryl screamed in pain. She spit out two of her teeth onto the ground and tried again to get away.

As she pushed Jimmy Jack, trying to get him off of her, he hit her once more.

“Shut the FUCK up!” Jimmy Jack screamed at her.

He pushed her hard back onto the ground as he reached down under her skirt and tore her panties off and placed his hand on her vagina. Cheryl started kicking and screaming even harder, but Jimmy Jack placed his right hand over her mouth as he groped her with his left.

She was on her back with Jimmy Jack on top of her. He had her pinned down now. He reached down with his hand and pulled out his rock hard penis and mounted her. She screamed in pain as he forcefully penetrated her. He rammed his penis into her with a vengence. Every stroke was harder than the next.

Jimmy Jack started choking her as he was fucking her. At first, just lightly, but as he kept on he put more and more pressure on her neck. Cheryl’s eyes rolled back into her head as she gasped for precious air. Jimmy Jack put more pressure on her throat as he got closer to his climax and Cheryl passed out from the lack of air.

Finally, he relieved himself. He was euphoric. He stayed inside of her for several seconds afterwards as he didn’t want to move. He was savoring the moment. He wanted it to last.

He released his grip on Cheryl’s throat and she gagged. He got off of her and rolled to his right, watching her. Now it was time to clean up the mess.

“Was it good for you”, he asked.

Cheryl could not answer him as she lay silent and still, trying to catch the breath that he had choked out of her.

“I asked you a question, bitch!”

Cheryl coughed and spit blood onto the ground. Jimmy Jack got up, collected her clothes, grabbed her hair and started dragging her deeper into the woods. Cheryl wasn’t fighting or screaming now. She was unconscious.

Jimmy Jack dragged her for about a hundred yards and decided that this would be a good spot to finish the job. As he took out the hunting knife that was sheathed on his side, he could hear Cheryl gurgling.

“Shit!” he thought. “She’s going to choke on her own blood before I get a chance to kill her.”

He grabbed her by her hair again and dragged her to the base of a large Oak tree. He propped her up with her back to it. He looked at her and thought just how pretty she was. That is, before he mangled her face. Jimmy Jack took immense pleasure in seeing his handy work.

As he looked at her sitting there, he placed the point of his knife just below her chin. Jimmy Jack laughed and the trees echoed it back to him. He thrust hard with the knife and it slid inside of Cheryl’s neck and through the bottom of her skull. He twisted the knife and Cheryl jerked backwards. As she slid down, he pulled the knife out of her neck and watched the blood drip from the end of it.


My head hurts.  It hurts to the point that I cant really think straight.  I need to get about 4000 words on the nano novel today, and I have a LOT of free time to do it until about 5:00.  I cant make myself write today.  This sucks!  Ive taken some medicine to make myhead feel better, but it isnt working.

Anyway, enough about that.  Im gonna try to make myself write.  Im gonna force myself to put BIC and get some words out.  I will say that I read over what I have already written and I am NOT happy.  It reads like a 3rd grader wrote it.  There are maybe 1000 words that I could add just to what I have already written without writing anything new after the last paragraph.  Im gonna push through though.  Im not going to get discouraged and quit this nano.  Im gonna finish this 50000 words if it kills me.  I just hope I end up with something salvageable.

More later, folks.

I got a late start on nanowrimo as I work two jobs and basically was out of pocket for the whole day yesterday. I was going to try to start at midnight on Halloween night, but my little girl wore me out trick or treating and I ended up falling asleep waiting on midnight to come. BUT, today I have started. As of this post I am at 1026 words. I WILL be adding to that total as the day goes on (and as my boss goes home – he usually is gone by two every Friday). I want to have at least 2000 words today and tomorrow I want to hit 4000.

As I work my day job, I just sit and wait on customers to come in. This gives me ample time to write, until my boss sticks his big head out of his door and wants me to do something. I swear he thinks Im here to work or something as he is always wanting me to do SOMETHING productive! Doesnt he know that I AM doing something productive by writing? I dont think he “gets it”.

Anyway, Im off and running now. I actually changed subjects and genre at the last minute with this. Instead of a mystery, Im gonna write a horror/suspense draft. This is something that I have been wanting to write as the idea just keeps coming back to me. Time to let it out, I guess. The working title is Pumpkin Roast. I just hope I can convey the story that is in my head to the paper (or computer as it may be). I think I can, I hope I can…Again, I have the beginning and ending…just need the middle to come together. I think it will.

Maybe Ill get brave and post a paragraph or two here for you guys to rip apart.

More later, folks.

Im an emotional kind of guy. I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve and it spills over into my writing, or lack thereof. If I get upset about something, All I can think about is what Im upset about. If Im mad, Im mad. I cant turn it off and on. Some people can be mad at someone and happy and jovial with the very next person that they meet. Im not like that. It affects my writing because at times like those, I just simply wont write. I dont have the desire to write when Im in that mood.

I wish I knew a way to get out of that, because I don’t LIKE being that way. I wish I could just put things behind me and just move on, but I cant. Im like an old lady, brooding over some insignificant thing that really means squat in the grand scheme of life.

Are any of you like this? Am I the ONLY one who feels like this? I wonder if I forced myself to sit and write when Im upset, if my writing would get darker…hmmm…this might be something to work with after all. I want my writing to be a bit darker.

Maybe Ill try it.

By the way – There is a new blog by Janna (I love that name) Qualman called Something She Wrote that I think you guys might like. She just started blogging and I thought I would kind of give her a little push on my blog. Go check it out. I think you will enjoy her writing style in her posts.

More later, folks!

I have been practicing my “show dont tell” in my writing lately and I think Im getting this thing down.  I went back and read a lot of my older stuff and i figured out why I wasnt getting any responses from people.  I was TELLING a story instead of showing the reader what was going on.  I was describing a scene instead of pulling the reader in and making them laugh, cry, get scared, or get mad.  I wasnt making them FEEL anything.  

Anyone can tell a story.  It takes a bit of talent to SHOW the reader what is going on.  I dont think it us a God given talent to do this.  it CAN be learned.  Hell, Im living proof of that.  I am just now learning to do it and I think my writing is going to get a lot better for it.   Maybe someone will actually WANT to read something that I write once I get the “showing” down pat.  God, I have a LOT to learn about writing.  Im too old to learn too much.  Anyway…more later! 

Jimmy Buffet sang – Yes I have found me a home I have found me a home You can have the rest of everything I own ‘Cause I have found me a home   That is exactly how I feel right now.  I liked Blogger, but I like wordpress much better.  A LOT more functionality.  Im not too keen on the template right now, but thats gonna change as soon as I can create myself a header image.  Im liking the whole blogging experience much better here.  Didnt take me that long to set it up and I just imported the old blog to here so I never lost a post or comment.  I did have to set up my links again, though, which was a pain in my ass…but well worth it. Hope you like the new place.  Ill get back to something resembling a writing blog shortly!